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Planning and negotiations are players in success. 

  • Help develop a strategic plan and identify the tactics to fulfill it

  • Assist in the preparation a budget related to your plan. 

  • Report on how your plan is doing fiscally, using changes and key benchmark numbers to determine success. 

  • Assess HR Essentials: personnel policies, 401-K plans, FSA and HSA choice, competitive bidding for health insurances, outsourcing payroll vs. assisted payroll. 

  • Participate in negotiations--understanding leverage and other bargaining tactics.  

  • Aid in facility acquisition, financing, and management. 

  • Help you define your brand and connect it to your mission and vision. 

  • Establish a social-media presence. 

  • Communicate with your audience--electronically and with traditional methods. 

  • Explore website basics: do-it-yourself with Wix, WordPress, or hire a professional? What to expect from a professional.

  • Review your investment oversight: What is your investment philosophy?  Is your market exposure right for you? ​Choosing the right investment advisors.

  • Provide risk-management guidance. 

  • Help maintain and develop banking relations. 

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